My vision’s clear, I see you left a mark.

Leaf suspended between the two dimensions

Like with any form of a journey, there are times when the roads are straight and times when they are winding. There are ups and downs and potholes along the way.

Imagine being suspended in that big giant pothole, with darkness below.

Uncertain, dependent, exposed, vulnerable.

That pretty much sums up how this year has felt like.

It takes a toll, I suppose,

Tackling the dreaded disease, hearing your loved ones gasping for breath, feeling so helpless and angry at the same time,
Wondering about the choices that led you to this very moment,
Cursing the government, the system and yourself.

Weary eyes and tired down to my bones, sometimes I wondered in the quiet of my head, “ Will this ever end?”

Navigating between the unknown factors of what challenges the next day would bring and distracting myself by the endless scrolling of the screen, it left a mark.

Everything we used to know is crashing down, and it’s pieces are floating all around. We need to put it back together, step by step, bit by bit. Because getting to the other side is worth every fight and scar we have to endure.

This is an honest revelation of what we are going through and what we have lost. It is up to you now to make that choice of moving forward. This is a tribute to all the frontline workers, that social media post, that twitter thread which helped countless people and brought them back from the doors of death.

“When that one piece of cylinder decides who gets to live or die, it becomes a bloodbath of the worst kind.”

“But is it fair to judge the carnage, I wonder, when the price we’re fighting for, is the one worth dying for?”

Looking to the other side,
All of you here, have been part of the discussion, looking for ideas to sort out this mess. Keep in mind that what you are doing now is getting us one step closer to the new normal.

The future is uncertain, but it is being set by you, the people who are standing strong in the face of this adversary. Keep at it, and be proud of the strength you displayed when it mattered the most.

Use your voice and don't let the carnage drag you down.

Wait a minute, let me finish :)